Have you ever seen kids doing yoga?

It is truly adorable. Their little bodies are so flexible, and their giggles and smiles are contagious.

Imagine your little ones doing yoga. Imagine how cool it will be for them to do warrior poses instead of fight each other. And also imagine them having the ability and awareness to breathe and get centered … at such an early age. What a wonderful and happy life they will have.

Watching the GroovyKids Yoga DVD, kids (and adults!) will learn how to do yoga poses and have fun doing it. In this video, kids are doing yoga to the best of their ability – it is not perfect, and at times a kid takes a break and doesn’t do the poses. It is important for children to feel comfortable with their yoga practice, and improve gradually. And if they don’t feel comfortable doing a particular pose, that is perfectly fine! We teach kids that if a position feels good, then do it, if it feels bad, don’t do it. We also teach kids to respect their bodies and trust their inner voice. Imagine a new generation of confident yoginis and yogis – what wonderful world it will be!

By teaching your little ones yoga you will give them a gift that will last their entire lives.

Buy this DVD. Have fun with your kids. Give them a happier future. 


"When my daughter was just a little girl, Greville would sing Beatles songs to her for hours on end. The delight he brought to my child has stayed with me.

Anyone who has a way with children has a way with the human heart."



My daughter has a lot of energy and GroovyKids Yoga helps her calm down; it reminds her to breathe and center herself. Her motor skills are incredible and I think it has to do with the Sa Ta Na Ma technique that Greville focuses on.


GroovyKids® Yoga, based in Los Angeles, California is an INTERNATIONAL KIDS YOGA TEACHER TRAINING program designed to EDUCATE, INSPIRE and ENLIGHTEN teachers, parents and anyone else who wants to introduce Kids to the joys and benefits of Yoga. Click here for more benefits of Kids Yoga! Want more? Try this! Doctors prescribe yoga!

Its primary focus is MOVEMENT because children LOVE to MOVE, and when they move they LEARN and GROW. Science has shown that movement is the prime component in our brains and organs developing, and the GroovyKids® method is designed to make it FUN and APPEALING to children everywhere!

The programs vary from an introductory LEVEL 1 course ideal for beginning teachers, parents or yogis who’d love to be part of kids transformation to a more in depth LEVEL 2 program which includes all the information offered in the level 1 program and augments it with information about how to tailor classes to children of different ages, as well as partner yoga work, breath techniques and the actual content of the classtime.

We at GroovyKids® Yoga are dedicated to inspiring children through POSITIVITY and ENCOURAGEMENT.  We firmly believe, based on our own experience, that when children have fun, learning happens with LESS EFFORT and more EASE.

The next GroovyKids Yoga TT is in Athens, Greece.

Click here for the next trainings.


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